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Grow food, make money, save the planet

Getting ‘down and dirty’ has a new meaning thanks to Dr. Dominic who’s on a mission to make agriculture sexy again. Fresh out of university he decided to get into the worm business and produce bio organic manure. ‘Why not get your hands dirty and make some money?’ He says, ‘because who can look sexy without it?’

For decades young people everywhere have left their farms to work in factories, or even worse, offices. But things are starting to change. Throughout the COVID pandemic we have realised how important locally sourced produce is.
And while academics fight over the percentage of the world’s food being produced by small farmers, – they guesstimate it’s 30%, 50% or even 80%, agro-ecological farmers are on the rise. These farmers don’t use chemical fertilizers, they plant local seeds and diversify their crops, reinforcing the soil and avoiding diseases. Seems like a future proof plan, doesn’t it? No surprise the young generations are going back to their roots and taking on farming: they need the planet a little while longer.
So next time your back hurts from sitting down all day at your blue collar job, think about Dr. Dominic: ‘Agriculture is so sexy, bro!’

Have any advice on how to make green fingers sexy?

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